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OAW Businesses

In 2015, we launched our first business, West Oakland Farms, at 7th & Campbell in West Oakland. In September 2021, we launched our food truck business, Soul on a Roll. Upon completion of the 7th & Campbell development, the commercial spaces on the ground floor will house four new OAW businesses, including a neighborhood market, a restaurant, a fitness center and a tech center. Once OAW businesses are profitable, they will pay a percentage of their net profits to OAW for launching and sustaining more businesses. We say, let a thousand businesses bloom!

7th & Campbell

7th & Campbell

The ground floor businesses


Our OAW tech center will be an incubation hub for innovative technological products and services, including 3-D printer products and app design. 

Technology Center


The Soul of 7th restaurant will resurrect the spirit and vitality of 7th Street back in the day, before racist gentrification destroyed it, when it was known all over the country as Harlem West.

The Soul of 7th will make West Oakland a destination for great food and live entertainment.



7th and Campbell is a food desert. The OAW neighborhood market will bring high quality, affordable food, fresh produce and household products to this West Oakland community.

Neighborhood Market

Empty Gym

The fitness center will be equipped with the finest workout equipment for members and residents. Fitness center classes will include yoga, boxing, cardio, strength training and health and wellness programs.

Fitness Center

Food Truck

OAW Food Truck

In September 2021, OAW launched Soul on a Roll, a food truck business cooperatively owned by formerly incarcerated people. The Oakland A's made a significant contribution to the launch of Soul on a Roll. Look for our truck on the streets of Oakland.
Soul on a Roll

West Oakland Farms

West Oakland Farms, launched in 2015 as OAW's first business. West Oakland Farms was operated by a group of formerly incarcerated people. Crops on the farm were produced through sustainable organic growing methods and were sold to local grocers and restaurants. West Oakland Farms has been dismantled and will be incorporated into The Black Panther building.

7th & Campbell (2021).jpg
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