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7th & Campbell Construction Progress

 Take a look at the photos below to see the progress on our project.

The Garden Grows

The Black Panther begins


Construction begins on the second floor of the Black Panther Building,

late February 2023

Constructing the second floor foundation of the Black Panther
Building, March 2023


A look at the work being done of the first floor of our building where four future OAW businesses will be housed. 


This space is the future home of the restaurant. The establishment will be serve amazing cuisine, host great music and offer incredible ambience.  


OAW founder and CEO, Elaine Brown, touring the construction site with one of the construction workers bringing the Black Panther building to life.


The Black Panther building mid May 2023. The second and third floor residential units have been framed.


Construction of the second floor units on the Black Panther building. We'll have 79 total units of 100% affordable housing for the community of West Oakland.

OAW June 16 Photo 4.jpeg

June 2023 Level 4 structural framing complete and partitions in progress

OAW June 16 Photo 2.jpeg
OAW 2nd Floor Living Room.jpeg

Living Room September 2023

June 2023 all structural framing complete, seen here from front to rear

Inside The Black Panther 

 Bedroom October 2023

Hallway October 2023

 Hallway, October 2023

Laundry Room, October 2023

Solar Panels Installed on Roof .jpg

Solar Panels Installed on Roof, November 2023

Living Room in a Two Bed Room Unit .jpg

Living Room in a Two Bedroom Unit, November 2023

December 2023

Kitchen, October 2023

Solar Panel Installation on Roof October 2023

OAW December TBPC 1.jpeg

Front View December 2023

OAW TBPC Solar Rooftop.jpeg

Rooftop Solar Panels Installation Completed


Kitchen appliances installed

The Black Panther from the Corner of 7th & Campbell, October 2023

Solar Panels on Roof, October 2023

OAW TBPC December Rear Courtyard.jpeg

Rear View December 2023

OAW TBPC December 2.jpeg

Side View December 2023


Kitchen December 2023

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