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In 2015 OAW launched its first business, West Oakland Farms, on our property at 7th & Campbell in West Oakland. In September 2021 OAW launched Soul on a Roll, a food truck that specializes in soul food made with the freshest ingredients. Upon completion of the 7th & Campbell Development the commercial spaces on the ground floor of our building will house four new OAW businesses. Our new building will feature a tech center, neighborhood market, fitness center and restaurant. OAW businesses that succeed will re-invest a percentage of their net profits back into OAW for launching and sustaining more businesses. We say, let a thousand businesses bloom. 


Oakland & the World is proud to say that we are now in the food truck business. We launched Soul on a Roll, a cooperatively owned business on September 17, 2021. Soul on a Roll’s menu is full of creative gourmet renditions of popular soul food dishes. All of our food is made with the freshest ingredients possible. The Oakland A's made a significant contribution to the launch of Soul on a Roll. Look for our truck on the streets of Oakland in the summer of 2022.

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Soul on a Roll Truck 207.JPG
Food Truck


West Oakland Farms, launched in 2015 as OAW's first business. West Oakland Farms was co-owned by OAW and a small group of formerly incarcerated men and women. Crops on the farm were produced through organically sustainable growing methods and were sold to local grocers and restaurants. West Oakland Farms will return upon completion of the 7th & Campbell Development. 

West Oakland Farms
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Watch the video above to learn more about West Oakland Farms. 

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These businesses will be located on the ground floor of OAW’s housing complex, The Black Panther, located at Seventh and Campbell in West Oakland.