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Supervisor Carson - Commend Elaine Brown for trailblazing Affordable Housing

County of Alameda California

Apr 30, 2024

Supervisor Carson - Commend Elaine Brown for trailblazing Affordable Housing

Affordable housing Month MAY 2024 Recognizing Elaine Brown for Trailblazing Affordable Housing

WHEREAS, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors recognizes May 2024 as Affordable Housing Month. Affordable Housing Month is an opportunity to celebrate organizations and individuals committed to providing housing to those most in need and promoting systemic change that better addresses the affordability crisis; and

WHEREAS, this Board honors Elaine Brown for her trailblazing efforts as CEO of Oakland & the World Enterprises, an organization with a mission of supporting the long-term sustainability of for-profit businesses with cooperative ownership by formerly incarcerated persons and other socioeconomically marginalized persons. The first of these businesses is West Oakland Farms, an urban farm near the West Oakland BART station; and

WHEREAS, Elaine Brown’s leadership with Oakland & the World Enterprises has culminated in the extremely affordable housing project on 7th and Campbell. This project, set to open to residents in June 2024, will offer 79 supportive housing units for tenants making 30% of the area median income or below; and

WHEREAS, Elaine Brown has demonstrated a deep awareness of affordability problems by leading a community-centered vision of affordable housing that ensures a neighborhood full of places for entertainment, fitness, and necessities is built to respond to rapid displacement and gentrification.

THEREFORE this Board of Supervisors, County of Alameda, State of California hereby gives full recognition and commends Elaine Brown for trailblazing affordable housing and her commitment to doing so with a community-centered approach.

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