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Our Mission

    The Mission of Oakland & the World Enterprises (OAW), a nonprofit organization, is to launch for-profit businesses for cooperative ownership by formerly incarcerated and other people facing extreme barriers to economic survival and support those businesses to profitability.  Our first business is West Oakland Farms, situated on our property at Seventh and Campbell Streets in West Oakland, California.  There, we are set to break ground in the Fall of 2021 on our 100% affordable housing complex, with 79 units of housing for low and very low income people and ground floor commercial space for other OAW businesses, including a fitness center, a neighborhood market, a restaurant with live entertainment and a tech center.  In the meantime, in May 2021, we are set to launch our second business, a food truck.  We believe we are creating a model for Oakland and, indeed, the world toward alleviating poverty, reducing crime and creating the conditions for prosperity for everyone. 


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Oakland & the World Enterprises, Inc.
1407 Webster St. #208
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Phone: (510) 368-0390

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