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7th & Campbell Development

Cerimonial Groundbreaking

Groundbreakig Slideshow

7th & Campbell Development

Subcontractor Outreach Meeting

Soul on a Roll
Food Truck Launch

OAW launched its second business the Soul on a Roll food truck on 9/17/21. Enjoy some photos from our launch event.

7th & Campbell Development

Community Support Committee Launch

Campbell 8.28.21 0712.JPG
Campbell 8.28.21 0752.JPG
Campbell 8.28.21 0214.JPG
Campbell 8.28.21 0275.JPG
Campbell 8.28.21 0469.JPG
Campbell 8.28.21 0561.JPG
Campbell 8.28.21 0725.JPG

Oakland Food Pantry


OAW's Oakland Food Pantry, located at 7th & Campbell streets in West Oakland, has been giving away groceries to the community since 2016.


Oakland Food Pantry will return after the completion of The Black Panther Apartments at 7th & Campbell.

OAW Gallery

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